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Why rent from us?


We are always ready to talk to you. Whenever a question or a problem arises during your holiday – rest assured that we will consult you on the phone, e-mail and social media.


Our ships are modern, regularly servised and clean, therefore your holiday on water will go smoothly. Living on water in our yachts is safe and comfortable. Guaranteed.


From the date of order all the way to the end of your Holiday You should not need to think about the details. Your task is to enjoy the holiday, that’s why we will take care of the rest!

Choose a yacht...



A comfortable yacht for 12 persons. It has solar panels on the roof, so all of your devices will always be charged!

Ship is parked at Klaipėda port.


The wonderful S41 model from “Sealine”. It’s abilities navigating the seas in the same majestic manner as the animal it is named after will surely blow you away.

Ship is parked at Base Port Beaulieu-Sur-Mer (France).

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